H5P is a suite of small, easy-to-use interactive instructional tools that integrates with Moodle or WordPress. Use H5P when you are looking for a quick easy way to…

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a tool for synchronous audio/video discussions. It integrates with Moodle, Mattermost and even has stand-alone access via the Greenlight front end. It includes video-based…

Kumu (Mediawiki)

Kumu is TRUs own mediawiki installation for wiki-based document creation. MediaWiki is the same technology that powers Wikipedia. Use it when you want to create wiki-style information collections.

Mattermost: Workplace Messaging

Mattermost is an open source workplace messaging system similar to Slack. Mattermost is organized around a discussion paradigm that keeps all related discussion contributions together on a single timeline, but still allows for replying to individual contributions. This can easily keep dozens and dozens of discussion fragments out of your email inbox.

Trubox & WordPress

Wordpress is currently used to power approximately 25% of all websites. Trubox is our general-use Wordpress installation, but we have others such as Pressbooks which is used for create open textbooks.
Use Wordpress when you want a teaching, learning or research-related website or blog. There are a variety of different uses live on trubox: class, faculty and student blogs; presentation and even support sites; sites that support various scholarly activity endeavours; and much more.

Cloud Computing

“…it’s cloud’s illusions I recall…”[ref][/ref] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he “Cloud” has become a staple of everyday computing. We can store our documents in the cloud, create content in the cloud and…