Category: Tools

This is a category that encompasses tools from TRU and other providers.

Kaltura Logo


Coming in Fall 2019
Kaltura is a one-stop shop for all things video. It’s like Youtube on steroids. It integrates with Moodle and Wordpress and is accessible to all TRU Faculty and Students.

Use Kaltura for video creation, editing, storage and cataloguing. Use it in Moodle for display video, video-based assignments, captions/transcripts and more.


Moodle is the Learning Management System at TRU and allows for the delivery of course materials, assessments like assignments and quizzes, and student engagement through tools like forums…


H5P is a suite of small, easy-to-use interactive instructional tools that integrates with Moodle or WordPress. Use H5P when you are looking for a quick easy way to…

Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a tool for synchronous audio/video discussions. It integrates with Moodle, Mattermost and even has stand-alone access via the Greenlight front end. It includes video-based…

Kumu (Mediawiki)

Kumu is TRUs own mediawiki installation for wiki-based document creation. MediaWiki is the same technology that powers Wikipedia. Use it when you want to create wiki-style information collections.

Mattermost: Workplace Messaging

Mattermost is an open source workplace messaging system similar to Slack. Mattermost is organized around a discussion paradigm that keeps all related discussion contributions together on a single timeline, but still allows for replying to individual contributions. This can easily keep dozens and dozens of discussion fragments out of your email inbox.

Trubox & WordPress

Wordpress is currently used to power approximately 25% of all websites. Trubox is our general-use Wordpress installation, but we have others such as Pressbooks which is used for create open textbooks.
Use Wordpress when you want a teaching, learning or research-related website or blog. There are a variety of different uses live on trubox: class, faculty and student blogs; presentation and even support sites; sites that support various scholarly activity endeavours; and much more.