Faculty Orientation – Winter 2020


To begin: what is something you would like to do with your students that involves learning technology? What support would you need? Let’s discuss!

About the TRU Learning Technology & Innovation team (part of Open Learning, and complements CELT, and TRU IT, et al…):


Access: https://moodle.tru.ca

Course shell requests: https://moodle.tru.ca/course/request.php

Help: moodlesupport@tru.ca

Workshops and Drop-Ins (For Moodle or any other learning technology need):

https://trubox.ca/workshops or by appointment. Please buzz us!


FAQ’s: Moodle course enrollments (student self-enrollment), formats, activity types.

Automatic course shell creation and student enrollment is set to launch next semester.

Videoconferencing: https://bigbluebutton.org/ (via Moodle, Mattermost, stand-alone).

Video platform: Kaltura – https://media.tru.ca/

Team communication: Mattermosthttps://matter.tru.ca/

MediaWiki: https://kumu.tru.ca/

Interactive learning activities: H5P (Moodle or WordPress)

WordPress: blogging, websites, content management and almost any other crazy idea we can come up with…

We’re the birthplace of the SPLOT! (When Alan Levine came to town.)


Open Education: