Learning Technology Workshops

The Learning Technology & Innovations team provides workshops and drop-in sessions on using Moodle, WordPress and other tools, as well as exploring how to best use learning technology in your practice.

Upcoming Workshops

A calendar view of upcoming sessions and brief descriptions of what we offer are provided below. In addition to our hosted sessions, we are always happy to set-up targeted workshops and training for you and your colleagues wherever is best. And if you have a learning technology interest or need that is not addressed here, please drop us a line and let’s start a conversation.

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Workshop Descriptions


Moodle is TRU’s primary learning platform. It provides classroom administration and teaching tools, as well as private communication spaces. You can access it with your TRU network login.

Assessment in Moodle
Learn how to run a quiz, set up an assignment dropbox, have students generate content, and connect assignments to the gradebook.
Orientation to Moodle
A beginner-level introduction to Moodle, TRU’s learning management system, and an overview of the essential steps.
Using Scheduler
Moodle’s Scheduler function allows you to define time slots or office hours and allow students to schedule meetings with you.

WordPress & Communication

If you are interested in opening up your online activities to the wider web, WordPress offers a near-limitless range of options. Whether it’s a simple class blog or ePortfolios, or something more specialized, we’d love to work with you to see what is possible. We also host an instance of Mattermost, an open source team collaboration and messaging platform.

H5P & Multimedia

We love working with H5P, which allows users to easily create, share and reuse interactive content that runs on any web platform. It is also integrated with Moodle and WordPress. We also love to work with a wide range of other multimedia creation and presentation tools.

Explore with Us

Learning technology is constantly evolving, and also opens up questions around topics ethical use, privacy and IP rights. We are always trying new things, and encourage the TRU community to come to us with ideas, suggestions and thorny problems.