Lightboards 101

Hi, I’m Jon Fulton and I work as a video producer for Open Learning here at TRU. Over the years I have worked with instructional designers, instructors and course developers to create a variety of media products for distance learning.  From talking head video, classroom lecture capture, voice over powerpoint, onlocation, greenscreen or interviews. Recently I have started to work with a device called a lightboard. The lightboard was first developed at Northwestern University and they have a terrific webpage which outlines how to build one and some best practices.

Here is the URL:

A Lightboard is basically a transparent whiteboard like in a classroom that you record on video while looking into the camera.  The instructor can write on the board in real time or super impose images without turning away from the viewer. This is the key that makes the light board exciting for me; it allows the instructor to maintain eye contact with the audience or student while lecturing, which I believe helps with engagement.

Here are some examples of what it looks like.

Here is how I made mine.

Here is how others have made theirs.

In our workshop I will let you play with the DIY Lightboard I have built and talk about best practices and other tips and tricks.