Educational Technologies Community of Practice

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Session Description

What are the big questions you have about using educational technologies? What are the pedagogical implications of the choices we make? Where have your TRU colleagues found success — or failure — in playing with new ideas? In these relaxed, guided discussions, we’ll dig into the big issues of EdTech and explore how to implement our theories in our practice.

What You Can Expect

Our Community of Practice sessions pick up where January’s Digital Detox leaves off, giving you monthly opportunities to dig into the big issues of educational technologies and to strategize with your colleagues. Monthly meetings of the Educational Technologies Community of Practice are structured, community-led discussions, sometimes organized around readings or issues of importance to attendees. And the coffee is on us!

You can expect us to wrestle with some big issues, but also to spend a lot of time thinking about how to implement what we’ve learned. This is a great way to keep up your goals and changes in practice that you committed to in our Digital Detox.

Once you register, watch your email for updates about the monthly discussion topic — and feel free to suggest something you’re wrestling with.

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