Splotbox Master

This WordPress Theme powers a site to build collections of audio and video content (termed “items”) where contributions can be made without requiring logins or providing personally identifying information. This is done by using a generic author account that is silently activated. The user never sees any sign of the innards of WordPress but can create descriptions and provide more information for each media item added.

The options can allow you to offer a field for add the media by URL (For video, from YouTube or Vimeo, and for audio content from SoundCloud or any link to an mp3, ogg, or m4a sound. A site owner can also enable an upload button for sounds files in those same three formats. Other features are to provide fields for (and require or not), descriptions, a credit source name and a selection of a reuse licenses.

This is an improvement and enhancement of the first generation TRU Sounder SPLOT.

It offers a number of administrative options to enable/disable the audio upload, entries for media source and license data.

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